Important Action Steps:

  1. Click here to see a PDF explaining how to access your Valentus back office.  Please do this as soon as possible. Current Revii Distributors have until September 22nd to either purchase 1 Valentus product to activate their position OR to purchase the 3 Box Pack for $145 (plus shipping and tax) to qualify at the "Ruby" Leadership Rank.
  2. Review the videos and resources listed below (especially the Ditto Touch marketing tool samples).  Some of the videos are time sensitive, so please review them as soon as possible.
  3. Reach out to your personally sponsored distributors and ask if they've heard the news and know about the resources.  Here is an example message you can use start the conversation.

"Hi "(their name). Wanted to make sure you heard about the Revii merger? If not, would you like to know more?  Please respond quickly because some of the benefits are time sensitive."

Important Reminder:

  1. Join us at the Corporate office in Maple Grove on Thursday, September 5th at 7pm - we will have a "Merger Recap Social" where we'll share more info for you, your teammates, and future guests.  We will have some refreshments (not our usual dinner) and it's FREE to attend.  If you purchased your ticket previously, we will allow you to use that at a future social dinner.

The company we are merging with is Valentus in Sioux Falls, SD.

Click here to learn more about their products

Click here to listen to some of their corporate calls

Ditto Touch:

Valentus offers a fantastic interactive marketing video system called Ditto Touch.  These videos make it fun and easy to share some of the Valentus products/opportunity with others. 

Below you will find some "samples" of the videos.  We are currently able to take advantage of a special discount offer with LIFETIME access to the Ditto Touch marketing video system for only $75.  You can learn more about that special offer inside your Valentus back office.

*The first 15-20 seconds of the videos are the same and you will see the videos are different as you watch them. Please do NOT send the example links on this page to anyone else. They are here as a courtesy for you to review.

Here are some videos explaining their exciting new product (coming soon) called Emulin, which is a natural product developed by a doctor nominated for Nobel prizes.   Please watch the videos in the order listed below.

This is an amazing product that will help to enhance the effectiveness of Revii and Valentus nutritional products AND helps support overall health.  The product has a pleasant mint flavor and is easy to use by spraying into your mouth.  The 2 videos in the link below are very impressive and do a great job explaining the product.

This is an exciting product because it is a master detoxifying product.  Erik shared that he is reading a book on activated charcoal and that he is very excited about the Carbon 60 aspect of this product.  Jon also shared he is excited about 2 ingredients (fulvic and humic acid minerals).  One of the most exciting aspects of this product is that it's tasteless and easy for someone to add to water.  Randy shared with us that there is a possibility Valentus may be using our snap technology with this product in the future.

Weight loss coffee is current "lead product" for Valentus.  Over 80% of people drink coffee and many people would like to lose a few pounds.  With this coffee, they can enjoy their coffee, lose weight, and have great energy all in 1 great-tasting product.

For people who enjoy creamer with their coffee, the Keto Creamer is a great option and members of the Revii team who've sampled both stated they really enjoyed the combination of the coffee and creamer.

For people who love hot cocoa, this is a great option that can help with weight loss and energy.  It's a great alternative to coffee for people wanting a warm, great tasting beverage.

Valentus has some exciting marketing tools and systems in place, which are part of the reason the company has grown by at least 1 million dollars each month this year.  Here are some resources to help you see why:

Click here to watch a video by John Haremza (Valentus master distrbutor) explaining how to earn $3100 by sharing the coffee in "6 Day Experiences".

John will be coming to the meeting on August 24th.  John is a talented distributor who leads by example.  Erik knows John because he was Erik's upline in a previous company and is confident in John's ability to help us make a successful and profitable transition.

We're excited about this new chapter and appreciate you being part of the Revii team.